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January 18, 2014

Post production continues on Season of the Plague. The very complex episode 3 has finally aired. There was a large amount of CGI, pretty much the whole episode. We are so grateful for all the work that Kris at Retrospect Film Group dedicated to completing it. Episode 4 should follow much sooner. Most of the basic editing is completed. There is still a small amount of CGI to finish and then adding the filters and music. Due to a number of circumstances beyond our control, including health issues among the cast, we decided to complete the first 8 episodes of the series only. Once all the episodes are up online we will be posting the scripts for the final 4 episodes, so our fans can finish the series. It was not an easy decision to make and one we made with very heavy hearts. Please visit the series website: Season Of The Plague We will also be releasing a film style version of the story.

We are now gearing up with pre-production on our next project, a web series called Reckoning. Set in an alternate old west, with elements of dustpunk, it's a supernatural thriller. The plan is to complete a first season of eight episodes. If there is sufficient interest we will do a second season of equal length and then a feature to wrap the story lines up. This is the most ambitious project we have ever undertaken and have joined up with FBN Multimedia to produce the show. Any time you work without a budget things get tense. However, so far we have been able to get some terrific resources and talent in place and more keep coming on board. Principle photography is slated to start in May 2014. There will be several fund-raising efforts in place over the next couple of months to help raise monies so that we can pay at least a little to the amazing cast and crew. Your support is always welcome. We will be updating this page with information on fund-raising efforts, goals and achievements. Currently a trailer is being produced to demonstrate the look and feel of the project. You can also wander around the website: Reckoning The Series. It is slowly filling up as information comes available. The Production Journal page is updated every couple of days and points to where new stuff is getting posted.

We are currently touching base with a number of people and setting up a strategy regarding advertising and promotion. We feel that this is an area where we have not been strong in the past, depending on word of mouth to spread the word about our projects. We have determined that we need to take a more assertive stance. This is a daunting step for us as it means stepping much deeper into the whole social networking/media scene. But we are excited as well to explore new opportunities. We are also currently looking at re-establishing the PayPal option on our page. We had to discontinue it for a while as we re-arranged things and hope to have it restored soon. TOGETHER WE CAN TELL GREAT STORIES

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