8:12 FROM YUMA - Short Film Challenge

8:12 FROM YUMA is a story that centers on a family whose tyrannical patriarch is returning after an unexpected departure and they must decide if they want to return to their previous lives or take a bold step to free themselves of an oppressive and abusive presence.


Completed April 6, 2011


8:12 FROM YUMA was a 48 hour film challenge entry. (Still under the old Ratling Productions umbrella).

The competition was sponsored by Ed Video in Guelph, Ontario as part of their annual Spring challenge.

The project had to meet the following criteria, revealed only at the start of the challenge:

- The number 8:12 had to appear in the film in that order
- Pay homage to a director`s style
- Must include a vote or show the electoral process
- Total length, including credits: 6 minutes max
- Time to complete the challenge: 48 Hours


The total budget for the project was $30.00 for pizza on brainstorming night.

After several hours of discussion, the team decided to go for the distinctive style of the old Sergio Leone western. Interestingly, everyone had western attire for costumes. How cool is that?

Having 48 hours on this challenge seemed like a luxury after the previous 24 hour challenge we had participated in. This time we actually spent time scripting the story which made for a better film. We even had a team member writing via Skype from British Columbia. Cool!

In the end, we spent roughly 8 hours filming. - The day was extremely cold, and as we were filming outdoors for the entire shoot, we had some issues with batteries running down quicker than we would have liked. On the upside, we had a second camera available and that helped since we could still shoot while batteries recharged. On the downside, the video quality between the two cameras made for some challenges during the editing process.

One camera used memory cards which made downloading of footage easy; the other was an older model and needed a firewire to download. It was a slow process, as the clips downloaded one at a time and the program needed to be reset after each clip. A royal pain in the neck. In the end, 14 hours was spent editing the film; most of which was spent color correcting the footage from the two cameras so they matched as close as possible. There was also the issue of image quality that need to be cleaned up.

As always, the first cut was far too long, just over 12 minutes and we had a 6 minute time limit. So with tweaking, tweaking and more tweaking, we had a final cut of just under the 6 minute mark. Sepia was then applied to give it that old Western look.

It was awesome how the whole team worked together not only on camera but also behind the scenes. Everyone was so conscious of continuity which made editing so much easier. For a project like a timed film challenge it really helps to have a team that is willing to do whatever it takes to get it done. Kudos to all!

There is a full version of the film currently being edited and will be posted on YouTube.


CAST [alphabetically]

- Danute Dorion [ Abigail ]
- Corrina Medeiros [ Maria ]
- Josh Medeiros [ Patrick ]
- Michael Moore [ Jeremiah ]
- Lindsey Quinn [ Cybil ]
- Steve Robins [ Aidan ]
- Daniel Stapley [ Connor ]


- Danute Dorion [ director & writer ]
- Kristina Kamarauskas [ writer ]
- Corrina Medeiros [ 2nd Unit Director ]
- Danute Dorion [ camera ]
- Steven Robins [ camera ]
- Corrina Medeiros [ camera ]
- Lindsay Quinn [ camera ]
- Ennio Marricone [ music / from: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ]
- www.partnersinrhyme.com [ score ]


We won the Technical award for Cinematography. The following is the quote from Ed Video regarding the award:

[Awarded] for capturing the technical 'spirit' of a western. I felt the cinematography was very well-done, particularly the framing. The pacing was excellent.

THE MOVIE - Competition Version

THE MOVIE - Full Version

Coming Soon


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