Season of the Plague is set on a distant world. The Gods have gone mad and that madness is manifesting as a deadly Plague among men. As the world falls into chaos and insanity, a small band of Champions must find a way to save the world...but how does one kill a God?


Season of the Plague is going to be a Web Mini-Series with the story coming to its full conclusion. It is light on Special Effects but heavy on Character. Filming will take place over the Spring and Summer of 2012, primarily out-of-doors, rain or shine, and we will be shooting as many weekends as we can in order to get principal photography completed before the Fall. There may also be weeknight and evening film shoots.

We are approaching this project a little backwards. While we know the whole story arc and some of the basic characters, we are casting the film first and then fully fleshing out the characters based on the talents, skills and ideas of those coming on board. As a low budget production it is sometimes hard to find the cast and crew for a finished script. In this approach, we are hoping to resolve this dilemna. It's an experiment and an exciting new path. The journey should be fun!

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SOTP is currently being filmed over the Summer weekends and some weekday evenings. Many thanks to all those who have already shared their talents and time on this production. As already mentioned, more Cast and Crew are coming on board as we progress deeper into the production.


CAST [alphabetical order]

- Eric Berg [ Harlid / City Mad Person ]
- Lynn Brubacher [ Tamzin ]
- John Cormier [ The Monk Orik ]
- John Demeter [ God Alamon ]
- James Diamond [ Phillipe ]
- Brian Dorion [ Ameer ]
- Danute Dorion [ Maya ]
- Malakai Darien Fox [ Prince Merikh ]
- Rachael Johnstone [ Woman On Hill ]
- Cassidy Lake [ Feral Child ]
- Tuck La Ved [ Man on Hill ]
- Corrina Madeiros [ Nasty Wife ]
- Mike Moore [ Nasty Man ]
- Bryan O'Toole [ Darius ]
- Paul Pautler [ Feneris ]
- Keegan Pyette [ God Tychus ]
- Emily Schooley [ Alena ]
- Rachael Steinberg [ Feral Child #1 ]
- Kelly Taylor [ Goddess Zaren ]
- Miroki Tong [ Goddess Shea ]
- Bailey Wadman [ Dirt Eating Woman ]
- Marissa Kate Wilson [ Sara ]
- not cast [ Apple Vendor ]


- Danute Dorion [ Director/Writer/Producer/Camera ]
- Kristina Kamarauskas [ Writer ]
- Brian Dorion [ Still Photographer/Camera ]
- Stephen Mounsey [ Sound ]
- Alice Sheffield [ Costume/Wardrobe ]
- Edyta Tran [ Costuming ]
- Stuart Attenborrow [ VFX Artist & Matchmover / Twitter: @stuarta0 ]
- Michael Malko [ VFX Artist ]
- E. Martin [ Poster Art ]
- C. Edward Stewart [ VFX Artist ]
- Retrospect Film Group [ Special Effects & VFX ]
- [ Music ]
- [ Stock Footage ]


Season Of The Plague / Teaser

We want to whet your appetite with a little bit of a teaser. Since this whole project is an experiment, we thought we would share Episode One of the script to give you a sense of the emotional charge and direction we are taking.


John Cormier - The Monk Orik

James Diamond - Phillipe

Malakai Darien Fox - Prince Merikh

Marissa Kate Wilson - Sara

Lynn Brubacher - Tamzin


Matte 1 - Stairs & House

Matte 2 - Path & Shack


Coming Soon!


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- Kyle Worrall
[Composer & Musician]
- Blackthorn Productions
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- Fantastic Creations
[ props ]
- Niclin McNiece
[ Graphic Artist ]
- Heather Dale
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