Part Victorian. Part Steampunk. All fun!

The series takes place circa 1848 in an Alt-History. We will be using existing history, but will be putting our own tweaks and turns on it, and peppering it throughout with the Steampunk feel and technology. The Pilot Episode has Penelope Ravenwood taking up her father's search for the scattered pieces of Akmar's Relic, a mysterious and powerful Artifact dating back to ancient Rome; perhaps even beyond.


November 1, 2011 - We are currently compiling artwork from various artists to use in our Seed Money Campaign which will run on IndieGoGo some time in December, providing we gather enough artwork and info. We want to do this project right and that means raising a fair sized budget to make our Promo Package using professional artists and crews to bring our vision to life. We get one shot at presenting to Broadcasters and Distributors, so we want to get it right.



- uncast [ Penelope Ravenwood ]
- uncast [ Samuel Dunn ]
- uncast [ Pipi Jong ]
- uncast [ Arianna ]
- uncast [ Roger Gains ]
- Danute Dorion [ Regan Connelly ]
- uncast [ Akmar ]
- uncast [ Nicolas Ravenwood ]
- uncast [ Professor Ravenwood ]


- Danute Dorion [ Producer/Director ]
- Kristina Kamarauskas [ Writer / Producer ]
- Brian Dorion [ Still Photographer ]
- Niclin McNiece [ Graphic Artist ]

A Penny Dreadful

This cover is just a rough sample of the era and feel of the Series we are aiming for. Eventually, we will be writing a couple of Dreadfuls as part of our promo package.

Click on Cover to read an excerpt for the first Dreadful.

The Teaser


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- Niclin McNiece
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- Heather Dale
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