SCAVENGER HUNT - Short Film Challenge

SCAVENGER HUNT tells the story of a warring couple, who on the recommendation of their therapist, use a competition as a form of marriage counselling.


Completed April 14, 2010


SCAVENGER HUNT was the first time we entered a short film challenge [still under the old Ratling Productions umbrella].

The competition was sponsored by the Multicultural Cinema Club in Kitchener, Ontario as part of the annual Local Focus Film Festival which they host every year.

The film had to meet the following criteria, which was revealed only at the start of the challenge.

- Prop to be included: A red rose
- Sound Bite to be included: A child crying
- Location to be included: A record or music store
- Theme: Race to the finish
- Total length, including credits: 7 minutes
- Time to complete the challenge: 24 Hours

The whistle blew and we were off!


The total budget for the project was $60.00, which went entirely into Entry Fees and craft services. The idea of a 24 hour Fast did not go over well, so that option was taken off the table and everyone got fed. :-)

This was a fun little project. As our first film challenge we were not sure what would happen. Once we got the criteria we sat down at a local coffee shop and brainstormed. At the time, running with improv seemed the way to go as we would not need to have to invest any time in writing a script. In hindsight, this is not a route we will go again. While we had a lot of fun, and certainly recorded some wacky dialogue [not used in the film], it was hard to actually achieve proper character developement and believeable closure to the story. However, as with all things, this was a learning experience.

All told, we spent about 8 hours of actual filming, followed by roughly 10 hours of editing. The biggest challenge was taking the first cut of just under 11 minutes and bringing it down to the 7 minute maximum time limit. Lots of tweaking and a couple of scenes, while good, were not actually needed to move the story forward so they had to be chopped chopped chopped!

The team had a great, albeit, wet time [lots of rain]. Oh, and always remember to check your manual settings when opting not to use the auto functions of your camera. Otherwise you might just end up a little over-exposed. Sigh.


We didn't win, but we sure had a lot of fun. It was a great learning experience for everyone involved.


CAST [Alphabetically]

- Al King [ Store Clerk ]
- Corrina Medeiros [ Carol ]
- Craig Hennessey [ Bob ]
- Josh Medeiros [ Chair Boy ]
- Kengo Muhamadi [ CD Buyer ]


- Danute Dorion [ director/camera/editing ]
- Craig Hennessy [ director/camera ]
- Kengo Muhamadi [ camera ]
- Kyle Worrall [ music ]



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