T IS FOR TALIO - Short Film Contest

TALIO is a Latin word that refers to a punishment fitting the crime. An eye for an eye. This is a story of vengeance, filmed with a Dustpunk feel. When an ex-lawman's wife is murdered, he takes up his guns once again to hunt down her killers.


Short film challenge commencing on September 1st, 2011. It had to be less than 4 minutes long - be about death with a taste of horror - And it had to have a title of, "T is for_____", with the filmmaker filling in the blank. We didn't use the full title in our poster art because we wanted to keep what we were doing a secret until we were ready to enter the competition.


This has been our most ambitious project to date, and our first foray outside the comfort zone of local film competitions. The process started when we contacted Abney Park for permission to use their song, I am Stretched on Your Grave. With permission secured, we were able to get to work casting the production, as well as scouting locations. We were lucky location-wise when a friend offered the use of their country property, complete with Victorian house and nearby barn, which stood relatively unused. Our cast and crew were assembled from across southern Ontario, including Kingston, Brantford, Toronto, Kitchener and London. Some of them are familiar faces from other SteamWorld productions but a couple of great new talents have come on board. Initial shooting took place in one day. The weather threatened to storm but mostly held off until the bulk of the shoot was complete. We were able to finish off with a couple of nice interior shots.

The project was filmed with our new Canon XA10, our first foray into the world of Hi Def. The video and sound are spectacular. The entire project was filmed hand-held except for a couple of tripod shots. This project also marks the first time we used Sony Vegas Pro as our exclusive editing tool instead of our faithful standard program, Movie Edit Pro, as it pre-dates Hi Def and cannot read the footage. So between several on-line tutorials, and able assistance and advice from Kristina at Retrospect Film Group, we finished principle editing. All that is left are a couple of effects, music and then to upload it to the competition. We are hoping to have it up by mid-week.

We were also lucky to get Rick Jenkins to help out with a few of the tricky CGI gun flashes which meant a whole lot less hair pulling for us. Watch for some good stuff coming from Rick, as he has joined the SteamWorld family on our upcoming project of Ravenwood (currenly in pre-pre-production) as our computer modeler and CGI guru.

The biggest challenge with this production was wrangling the talent since people came from such diverse locations. This also was the first time we did not shoot locally and that meant making arrangements to get everyone to the location site on time.

Budget-wise this was our most expensive production to date. Props and costumes ate the largest chunk of change, coming in just under $60.00. We were fortunate with craft services when Margaret Cook, the homeowner, offered to do our spread, and yummy it was. With other incidentals, including additions to the make-up kit, we came in just under the $90.00 mark.

If you are wandering around the website feel free to help out by donating a couple of dollars either by hitting the PayPal donate button, or going to our online store to buy a product from one of our projects. It will help with the continued improvement to our equipment needs, which are on-going, as well as towards our major project Ravenwood.

Can you tell a story in four minutes? Yes you can. Can you tell a compelling story in four minutes. We believe so. Hopefully everyone will check out the competition, and vote.


Sept 1, 2011 - Contest Entry. Let the Votes begin. Go to Drafthouse Films to cast your vote.



- Malakai Darien Fox [ Lawman ]
- Marissa Kate Wilson [ Wife ]
- Rachael Steinberg [ Wife's Sister ]
- Cheri Booth [ Lawman's Cousin ]
- Geoff Steinberg [ Homesteader Husband ]
- Emily Schooley [ Homesteader Wife ]
- Lou "Leo" Polstra [ Bushwacker #1 ]
- David Richards [ Bushwacker #2 ]
- James "Jimmy" Diamond [ Bushwacker #3 ]
- Brian Dorion [ Preacher ]
- Ken Cook [ Man with Mallet ]


- Danute Dorion [ Director/Writer/Producer/Camera ]
- Kristina Kamarauskas [ Writer ]
- Cheri Booth [ PA / Continuity ]
- Emily Schooley [ Fight Choreographer ]
- Malakai Darien Fox [ Fight Choreographer ]
- Rick Jenkins [ CGI ]
- Brian Dorion [ Still Photographer ]
- Helene Steinberg [ Blood Wrangler ]
- Margaret Cook [ Craft Services ]
- Music [ Abney Park "I Am Stretched On Your Grave" / used with permission]
- Kristina Kamarauskas [ Poster Art ]
- Filmed entirely on location at the Cook Homestead, Dutton, Ontario






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