The Company

STEAMWORLD ENTERTAINMENT is an independent film company based in Kitchener, Ontario. Our primary aim is to make films on an extremely modest budget. We believe that great characters and exceptional story-telling are the key elements to any entertaining movie. With the increasing use of the internet to show and distribute talent this is the time for small filmmakers to share their visions with a world wide market. We at Steamworld Entertainment are pleased to enter that forum.

The Producer / Owner

DANUTE [DANNY] DORION has had a love of the movies as far back as she can remember. Growing up she was always writing scripts and re-enacting films. Movies are more than just entertainment for her. She has always found pleasure in taking films apart to discover what makes them work or not work. In 2007 she decided to take her passion to the next logical step. She got a camera, some books on making movies on a budget, and an editing suite. A graduate of Queen's University, with a BA Honors in Drama, she has been able to combine her movie savvy and theatre experience to create Steamworld Entertainment.


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Friends of SWE

- Thespian Net

Production Companies

- Retrospect Film Group
- FBN Multimedia

Technical Services

- Kyle Worrall
[Composer & Musician]
- Blackthorn Productions
[Stage Combat]
- Fantastic Creations
[ props ]
- Niclin McNiece
[ Graphic Artist ]
- Heather Dale
[Singer & Songwriter]


- JewelBeat
- Talent Trove
- Find Things on TV
- Indiegogo
- Kickstarter


- John Sherritt
- Emily Schooley
- James Diamond


- Geek2Chic