Aside from monetary donations, which we really appreciate, we are also looking for equipment. If you have anything on our list that you would like to contribute please Email Us

Before Sending Us Your Item[s], please let us know what you have [pictures would be appreciated] and we will let you know if we can use it. We can make arrangements to cover shipping costs, if need be.

- Green Screen equipment
- microphones
- lighting
- tripods
- Final Cut Pro / software
- high speed computer for editing and special effects
- various props


We also set up an Etsy Store to raise funds for productions.

So if you have old items just lying around gathering dust, please consider donating them for sale in our Etsy store. Email Us descriptions and photos.

Basically, we are accepting items that would be easily shipped to buyers. Anything from purses to ashtrays, as long as it has some value. Thanks much.


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- Cafe Press Store
- Equipment

Friends of SWE

- Thespian Net

Production Companies

- Retrospect Film Group
- FBN Multimedia

Technical Services

- Kyle Worrall
[Composer & Musician]
- Blackthorn Productions
[Stage Combat]
- Fantastic Creations
[ props ]
- Niclin McNiece
[ Graphic Artist ]
- Heather Dale
[Singer & Songwriter]


- JewelBeat
- Talent Trove
- Find Things on TV
- Indiegogo
- Kickstarter


- John Sherritt
- Emily Schooley
- James Diamond


- Geek2Chic